Our Environment: Its Bounty

The environment around us is under increasing threat, posed by problems such as the heat island effect and water or soil pollution. OHGI was a trailblazer in appreciating the excellence of carbon for its composition and intellectual properties. Using the power of carbon, OHGI is feeding the bounty of our environment into sectors including greening of urban spaces, improvement of the natural environment and promotion of electric power.

Our Health: Its Benefit

Carbon Wave Far Infrared Rays and their effects on the human body are attracting renewed attention. Carbon is what constitutes the human body. It is neither a drug nor any external physical stimulus. The carbon wave emanates as an extremely safe action of far infrared rays. Ultra-high density carbon (known as the perfect black body) absorbs and radiates far infrared rays. OHGI is producing a variety of benefits to our health using clinical data accumulated over many years in close partnership with university departments and medical institutions.

Our Food: Its Needs

Carbon and food have long worked together. Charcoal is a familiar cooking fuel and activated carbon has deodorizing effect. Carbon is in effective and essential use today. Using ultra-high density Carbon Wave Far Infrared Rays, OHGI is meeting the needs we have for our food, by preserving and stocking ingredients for tasty meals and by assisting in the cultivation of produce.

Our Beauty: Its Power

Carbon is an effective ingredient in beauty products. OHGI has developed many products using carbon : cosmetics containing bamboo charcoal such as oil clear paper, shampoo and conditioner, and devices using F-DLC ultra-high density carbon such as the Far Infrared + Massaging Face Yoga Beauty Roller and Gum Massage Roller. OHGI is harnessing the power of beauty in bringing health & beauty products to consumers.